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Seems like these days, everyone is following the green rush and chasing the smell of cannabis to the money trail just beyond the rainbow. But, not everyone who works in the cannabis industry is doing it to get rich! I would like to take a few minutes of your time to highlight a woman who is making big moves and disrupting the cannabis scene for the better.

Instagram is filled with sexy, smart and entrepreneurial women, but none of them use their insta-fame more wisely than E! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Right? But what if you could use your sex appeal for good? E has literally grown an army around the country, maybe even the world, of cannabis enthusiasts, activists and patients alike. She uses her influence in a way I see very few others, but why? What makes E stand out? How did she break the mold?

She took tragedy and heartbreak and turned it into motivation. She took a situation that many would use as an excuse to break down and give up, and she created a mission of it. She took life’s lemons, and she made the sexiest, sweetest, most cannabis infused lemonade the world has seen. I’m gonna be honest, I love it, I’m drinking it all up!

E found herself in a place that, unfortunately, many of us have been or will find ourselves one day. Caring for a loved one who was suffering from cancer. She watched first hand as her mother withered away before her eyes, before she died of cancer. She saw how toxic chemo was to not only the human body, but the mind and spirit. The toll it took not just on her mother, but everyone around her. She was frustrated. There had to be another way, a better way, to ease the pain and suffering of the terminally ill. If only her mother had access to knowledge of cannabis and it’s many possibilities, maybe she could still be here, or at the very least, maybe suffered a little less during her incredibly brave battle.

This major event changed the course of E’s life, but not just for herself! I’m not sure what E did before her mother passed, but everything she’s done since has changed the lives of others for the better. E made it her life’s mission to not only learn about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and hemp for her own knowledge, but so that she could share that knowledge with others, helping to improve the lives and accessibility of cannabis for as many people as she could.

For E, this mission was a way of honoring the life of someone she loved very much. She wanted to do whatever she could to ease the suffering of others. This kind of selflessness had to have been instilled in her by her mother, which just goes to show what an amazing woman she must have been! E changes lives on a daily basis, simply by sticking to her mission of improving access and knowledge of cannabis for anyone who needs it.

In my personal opinion, E is surely an amazing entrepreneur, her business Xquisite Crums is doing wonderfully and growing stronger every day, but she’s more than that. Sure, she offers a wide array of cannabis products to those in her army, but she isn’t a profiteer by any means or stretch of the imagination. E is first and foremost a compassionate caregiver, who feels a personal sense of responsibility for each and every one of her patients.

I can’t say for certain, but I imagine the attention E puts into my needs is the same type of attention she puts into everything she does. If she doesn’t know something, or have something, she doesn’t rest until she does. From what I gather, everyone she works with, gets the same one on one attention. It’s mind blowing, trying to understand how she finds the time to do it all! It’s almost saintly.

Xquisite Crums is an alternative medicine company. They provide a full spectrum of products and knowledge to their patients and followers. The information that they gain, they share freely and openly with all their followers across their many social media platforms. Her reach is wider than I could even begin to fathom. With more than five years of hard work and constant growth, E has raised an army from the ashes left behind from prohibition. Cannabis is the future.

Xquisite Crums offers patients the widest assortment of cannabis products I’ve ever seen available from a single source. No dispensary comes close to offering what she does. Everything she offers is of the highest quality, and if something isn’t, she finds it elsewhere so she can continue to provide her patients with the utmost best products, care and compassion. You never have to wonder if something will be good or work, because E stands behind anything and everything she offers. No Boof carts here, ladies and gents! Top notch quality, always.

Xquisite Crums offers things like edibles, flowers, topicals, tinctures, personal care products and so much more. Everything made from top quality cannabis, personally sourced by E. She knows every aspect of every product she offers, from where and how the cannabis is grown to product production and packaging. She is the mother lovin boss of her business, and it shows. I hope she’s as proud of the empire she’s built, as I am to be part of it.

E isn’t alone, she has a small and mighty team that helps her run her growing empire. Each and every member of her team is hand picked and beyond dedicated to the cause of educating others, breaking the stigma and promoting the idea that it is our duty to help others whenever we can.

Beyond her very successful business, E also has her philanthropy work to be proud of. This is probably the thing about her I idolize the most, her work with the REST Organization. REST is a group that’s major mission is to help reduce the burden of those in hospice, along with helping their families cope with the situation at hand.

REST provides a multitude of assistance to those in hospice, and their families. The time when a family is dealing with a loved one in hospice is already a very difficult and trying time, even in the best of times, but terminal illness is indiscriminate, it doesn’t care if you’ve had time to prepare for your pending loss or not. Debt and bill collectors still come calling, holidays don’t take rain checks, mortgages are due, school supplies needed, life doesn’t stop moving around us, as much as we wish it would, especially in these stressful, scary, fleeting, irreplaceable moments.

REST’s mission is to help alleviate some of these burdens, so that the ill and their families can focus on what really matters, the time remaining, without the stress of, “how will we provide X-Y-Z?”

E holds weekly fundraisers for the REST Organization. These fundraisers help her to raise funds for things like emergency funds, medicine care packages, holiday and birthday gifts, and so much more. REST is an invaluable organization that allows for those in hospice to have a glimmer of hope, normalcy and comfort in their darkest days. There’s a certain amount of comfort that comes along with knowing your family isn’t as stressed, or worrying about bills, it frees up their minds and hearts for making love and memories that will carry on long after the ill has passed on.

E is a dynamo. She’s running a successful business, a compassionate nonprofit, caring for the sick and afflicted every day, while still looking fabulous and running a household as any normal mother does. E is definitely a woman to watch, because I believe she is destined for great things.



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